Ueno Yabusoba

in Tokyo 

A Japanese Buckwheat Noodle Restaurant

Let’s Enjoy Japanese Soul Food!

 Since Meiji Period in 1892
Having been taken over for 130 years

Toward Future 100 Years,
We will Keep our Traditional Way
 to cook
And Challenge to adapt to New Periods.

You can experience to taste 
Japanese Traditional Soul Food
 in one dish 
 “ Dashi” - soup stockfrom bonito fish,
" Soba -Kiri” - noodles cutting skill, 
and “Tempura” fried technique.
Try to enjoy it!


You’re available for reserving your seats only on weekdays, 

Mon. Tue. Thur. and Fri.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We could accept your calling 

mainly in Japanese.